Thursday, January 26, 2006


jana gana mana......National Song of India - Google Video

I have always thought that the Indian flag had very dull colours, and used to very much admire the sparkling bright colours of the USA or the regal blue, red and white of the British Isles. But it appears that the flag colours are only as bright as you can make them to be. I simply love the shimmering, glowing, fluttering saffron, green and blue tricolour in this video. It makes me feel very proud.

There may not be riches, beauty or wisdom but there is HOPE! And it is one eternally energizing, "mind blowing", ultimate happiness-giving constant company. Does hope lead to love or is love what hope seeks for, forever ?

When I see that flag, this is the primary thought in my emotional self.

See if it sparks something within you too

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